4Wall Entertainment Adds CHAUVET Professional’s Rogue To Inventory

In Industry Newsby tfwm

Rogue-R2-SPOTAt 4Wall Entertainment, the corporate slogan “Large Enough To Service, Small Enough To Care” accurately describes the philosophy that has driven the company’s lasting success. It also provides a pretty good insight into why the company recently decided to add the Rogue R2 Spot from CHAUVET Professional to its inventory in New York and Nashville.

Like 4Wall Entertainment, the Rogue R2 Spot delivers value-driven lighting solutions to clients and projects of all sizes and in all types of venues, from small clubs and churches to touring concerts. Powered by an impressive 240W LED light engine that drives a bright, crisp spot and a beautifully flat, even field, the Rogue R2 Spot includes a rich variety of performance features, such as seamless fading between the two gobo wheels, a pair of continuously and variably scrolling color wheels, motorized iris, frost, and a 3-facet prism for creative beam shaping.

The Rogue R2 Spot’s versatility wasn’t lost on Cathie Berbena Lloyd, General Manager of 4Wall Nashville, who said: “Having an LED Spot like the Rogue R2 in our inventory is proving to be very beneficial. This tidy little light has a crisp, bright beam that is great for a variety of applications, and it comes at a price point that makes it an affordable rental for churches, schools, and more.”

Albert Chauvet, president and CEO of Chauvet, shares this enthusiasm for the 4Wall-Rogue hookup. “Having the Rogue R2 Spot added to the 4Wall Entertainment inventory means a great deal to all of us,” he said. “We know and respect the high quality standards that Michael Cannon has established, and having visited various 4Wall offices around the country, we know how well those standards have been adhered to by everyone at the company.”

Chauvet expects the Rogue R2 Spot to be used in a variety of ways at 4Wall Entertainment, given the company’s well-known ability to handle a wide range of client needs. “We’ve always been impressed with how well 4Wall Entertainment has done using our other products like the Nexus 4×4 panels in diverse applications,” said Chauvet.  “It’s exciting to think of all that can be accomplished when you have a product that’s as versatile as the Rogue R2 Spot in the hands of a company that’s as skilled and service driven as 4Wall Entertainment. We’re looking forward to great things.”

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