24/7: Personnel Profile

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What goes on in the life of a technical director at a highly sophisticated house of worship> How do product managers schedule their time? What is all in a days work for an architect?

TFWM aims to find out just what it takes to be in various job positions throughout our industry. Each issue we’ll get the scoop on these people’s weekly routines and report to you through this column.


Day off

Listens to voice messages and checks emails (every day)
Responds to all BOLCC digital media support emails from IPTV Streaming Network Website http://bolimc.org/media (every day)
Logs on to BOLCC Mobile Network servers and changes out sermon messages, updates all existing media for the week, checks and resolves any network issues from the previous week
Attends weekly production meeting with production team directors to discuss the production workflow and technical needs of the ministry
Edits, organizes and re-encodes all digital media formats for distribution and sale using Final Cut Studio (Mac) and Windows Media Utilities Tools (PC)
Devotion and Prayer (every day)

Captures, edits, re-encodes and burns (to audio CD) older sermon messages from cassette tapes to digital format
Produces, edits, creates, and renders DVD materials for sale and distribution through BOLCC bookstore, website and TV/Radio outlets
Wraps-up digital media projects before end of day

Logs on to BOLCC Remote Streaming Server and makes updated media changes to streaming IPTV and Radio playlist channels
Cleans up old media files, edits new media files and creates new streaming playlist channels
Sets up wall clock command line for “LIVE” streaming publishing points
Finishes working with media files on Remote Streaming Server
Transcodes all digital media formats (.mov, .avi, .wmv, etc.) to Flash video for upcoming launch of “NEW” Flash Media Center webpage

Receives master DVD of “Keys to Life” Television Ministry Program (:30min) from TV/Radio Broadcast Manager
Exports “Keys to Life” DVD to a MPEG program stream file
Takes MPEG file and imports it into “Grass Valley ProCoder 3 by Canopus”, encodes to .wmv, .mp4 and .mp3 files for streaming delivery
Uploads files to streaming server
Sends email to MIS/Web manager with location of streamed URL’s to be placed on webcast page (http://bolimc.org/media/webcast.htm) for consumption
Wraps-up any undone projects from the week and preps equipment for the “LIVE” webcast of Sunday worship services

Day off

Arrives at church and prepares for sound and video check with broadcast department
Preps DVD recorders and duplicator for sale and distribution after service
Logs on to streaming server and tests “LIVE” video and audio stream
Begins streaming and archiving of “LIVE” Sunday service via (http://bolimc.org/media/InternetTV.htm) and captures service via Final Cut Studio for later editing and encoding
Ends streaming of Sunday service; finalizes and duplicates DVD’s for sale and distribution
Edits worship service on streaming server using Windows Media File Editor and Windows Media Stream Editor
After editing, places streaming media files into folders for streaming playback
Sends email to the MIS/Web manager with the location of the streamed URL’s to be placed on On-Demand webpage (http://bolimc.org/media/ondemand.htm)