Understanding Speaker Placement

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by Bryan Cole

Speaker placement has to some always been a black art – sound being a technology that you can’t physically “see” it’s not always a simple self-explanatory thing. If you are installing a new sound system in your facility, one of the biggest influences on sound quality that you can have is to have an industry professional “measure” the room response using proper test equipment. This will allow you to understand more about what sound does to the room – or maybe better put – what your room does to the sound. So much of the end sonic product of a room is the result the room’s shape and structure, not the choice of loudspeaker as many would think. Unfortunately, churches all too often reach for the “best sounding” (aka best marketed) loudspeaker, and the result is less than hoped. A less costly loudspeaker, properly placed in a well-treated room, will allow your loudspeaker to do what it does best – deliver sound to the listener – while having the room do less of what it is good at: adding many more “out of time” arrivals at the listener’s ear.

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PreSonus® Audio Technology Brings Clarity of Message to Brooks United Methodist Church

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Seeking to equip, encourage, empower, and impact its congregation for a meaningful worship experience, Brooks United Methodist Church (UMC) offers a comprehensive range of ministries to better engage its congregation. Guided by the Rev. Jason L. Robinson, the church recently opened its brand-new worship center. To ensure the congregation could hear clearly and enjoy the music, a capable sound reinforcement system was deemed essential. Ultimately, church management selected mixer and loudspeaker technology drawn from the catalog of PreSonus Audio Electronics (www.presonus.com) of Baton Rouge, LA.

SSP Custom Sound LLC of York, PA, a design / build AV integration and live sound production firm, was contracted to design and deploy the church’s new sound reinforcement system. After consulting with church officials, the decision was made to install PreSonus StudioLive RM32AI and RM16AI 32- and 16-channel rack mount digital mixers with Active Integration, cascaded through an AVB Network along with a PreSonus CS18AI Ethernet/AVB control surface. For loudspeakers, the SSP Custom Sound team deployed two PreSonus WorxAudio X3 all-in-one compact line arrays augmented by two PreSonus WorxAudio X115S high SPL subwoofers. Steven Pappas, owner, system designer, and audio engineer for SSP Custom Sound LLC, discussed the project.

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NEXO’S Educational Arm Innovates At Full Sail -Demos Also Included Yamaha Digital Consoles and Dante-

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NEXO’s ETC training program has grown significantly since its inception in 2013.  Essentially organized into three categories, starting with the introductory ETC1 followed by the next-level course for users of NEXO equipment (ETC2), and finally, ETC3 a specialist pro-engineer tutorial. The training division has just pioneered its first ETC2i seminar, dedicated to the preparation, design, and implementation of fixed installations.

Yamaha Commercial Audio organized a remarkable ETC1 seminar at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida staging it alongside a presentation of Dante and CL Digital Audio Consoles by the Yamaha Commercial Audio Training Seminars (YCATS) team.

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Nerdy Church Talk Conference

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Nerdy Church Talk Conference is a full three-day Church AVL conference for both the beginner and advanced Church AVL Tech! Join with speakers from Elevation Church, Bethel Church, Lakewood Church, …

Nerdy Church Talk Conference

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All Things Nerdy / All Things Church

For most houses of worship, the biggest concern when adding any type of new gear to your facility is budget.  Sometimes, trying to match what tech you want or think you need to actual money available can be overwhelming.

Barry Carter, the owner of The Church Nerds feels your pain. Barry works as an integrator full-time with churches to get them what gear they need with the budget they have. He is also putting together the Nerdy Church Talk Conference, a full three-day Church AVL conference geared towards empowering the local church through Audio, Video and Lighting.

Join with speakers from Elevation Church, Bethel Church, Lakewood Church, The Church Nerds and more in over 40 breakouts and five general sessions that include a full worship set by an Integrity Worship Artist. No matter the position you hold or volunteer in, you will walk away with a stronger foundation to help carry out the vision of your church or ministry.

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