myMix Personal Monitor Mix System

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by Rollie Lindstrom Harvest New Beginnings is a 50 year old church that has moved forward with technology as its Sunday attendance has grown from 100 to 1200, transitioning through …

Telestream’s Wirecast

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by Don Doss After serving a decade at one of those ‘mega’ churches with all the fantastic bells and whistles and state-of-the-art tech video recording hardware along with the professionals …

JR Clancy’s Custom Hoist System

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by Jason March Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA is a multi-generational church that currently runs three services every Sunday. The first two at 8:00 and 9:30 am are traditional …

Ikegami HDK-55 Full Digital HD Camera

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by Jack Chew Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale (CCFL) is one of several “megachurches” in South Florida and is continuing to grow. Calvary Chapel hosts tens of thousands of parishioners each …

Mega Systems Mega Lites

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by Richie Van Buren Bonita Valley Community Church has between 2500-3000 attendees on a regular weekend. We currently run two contemporary worship services every Sunday (9:30 am and 11:30 am), …

GLP SceneX 33.3mm LED Pixel Tape

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by Steven Hall This summer, Journey Church has had the great opportunity to utilize some new products from German Light Products (GLP), including their SceneX 33.3mm LED pixel tape (model: …

Review: Bushel MDM

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ae72b2f1-ef4d-421b-bd69-2b7befe01b87-6DC Metro Church is about eight years old, having launched in a movie theatre in 2007. Pastor David Stine is our lead pastor, and his vision is to rebuild the spiritual walls around the DC Metro area. We have a vision for 17 campuses around the DC Metro area (we currently have three) and three more in New York (pending). All of our sites are co-equal; there is no main site or main campus. We have a central staff and then campus staff separately. I am the IT guy for all our sites; we have one main audio person, one main lighting person, and eventually we will have more staff at the campus level, but for now keeping things centralized keeps things organized. We currently have 35 people on staff. Our average weekend attendance is roughly 3000; we run a contemporary non-denominational worship.

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