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SlingStudio By Mark Leonard SlingStudio is an affordable, wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform that helps you capture services and activities for your house of worship in a powerful way. SlingStudio makes …

New Ovation E-930VW Variable White Ellipsoidal From CHAUVET Professional

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CHAUVET Professional has introduced its first variable white LED ellipsoidal fixture, the Ovation E-930VW. Featuring a groundbreaking and unique 6-color LED system, the new fixture can perfectly match ambient natural light at different times a day, making it ideal for broadcast applications that are exposed to sunlight.

With color temperature presets from 2800 K to 8000 K, the Ovation E-930VW produces a flat even field of light with a very high CRI (88-92) and CQS. Each color temperature produced by the fixture can be further adjusted +/- green to fine tune the light.

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Martin Audio WaveFront Precision

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Martin Audio WaveFront Precision By Nick McKinnon First, Pentecostal Church off­ers a variety of music during worship, from Southern-style gospel, to contemporary worship, and everything in between. Unfortunately, the architectural …