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Distributed Danley Nanos: A Unique, Cost-Effective Solution in a Highly-Reverberant (and Deeply Personal) Church

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“This is the church that I grew up in and the church my mom attended till the day she died,” said Sid Gattis, speaking of St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church in Columbia, South Carolina. “It was built in the 1950s in Forest Acres, one of the oldest communities in Columbia, and it’s a stunning example of a liturgical church: big, old, tall pine ceiling, hard pews, hard floors… it’s just a hard space all around. I think they begrudgingly put some fuzzy stuff on the kneelers to spare some old joints, but that’s it. The sanctuary is beautiful, but also very challenging from the standpoint of intelligibility.” Gattis is the owner of Gattis Pro Audio, and he recently improved things at St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields by installing a distributed system of Danley Sound Labs’ smallest loudspeaker and subwoofer: the Danley Nano and the Danley Nano Sub.

Gattis had installed the church’s previous system over twenty years ago, when he was just launching his new company. “We put in a big center cluster with a delay to cover the balcony halfway back,” he said. “It was a lot better than what they had previously been using, so that was okay, but it wasn’t ideal. Over the years, things failed and got replaced with pretty much whatever, until the church decided it was time for a refresh.” Gattis put together a proposal based on some previous experiences he had had with Danley Nanos. “The Nanos produce a way-bigger sound than seems possible from such a small box,” he said. “I thought if we distributed Nanos and painted them to match the wood, St. Martin’s would get intelligibility without compromising the aesthetic.” The church committee put in its due diligence and pressed the top three proposers for demos. Gattis obliged and won the job.

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Yamaha and Audinate Present Exclusive Free Webinar

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On Wednesday, May 23rd, Yamaha and Audinate are teaming up to present an exclusive joint, free webinar entitled Audio Networking For Houses Of Worship, Colleges and Universities, which will examine Dante-enabled solutions for system design, implementation and management for carrying large numbers of audio channels around an auditorium and for distributing audio throughout institutional campuses.

Hosted by the Yamaha Professional Audio U.S. site and ProSoundWeb, the webinar will feature Andy Cooper (Manager, Pro Audio Application Engineering, Yamaha R&D Centre London) and Karl Christmas (Technical Marketing Manager, Yamaha R&D Centre London), alongside Kieran Walsh (Audinate Director of Application Engineering, EMEA).

Specific topics will include: A brief history and overview of Dante networking; why Yamaha uses Dante, along with an introduction to its Dante-enabled products; what makes Dante suitable for house of worship, education, and campus applications; how Yamaha uses Dante in its systems; System examples, case studies and much more.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session, where participants will have the opportunity to ask specific questions. The webinar is timed to allow as many people in Europe and the US as possible to participate, taking place at 6pm European time, 5pm UK time, 12 noon US Eastern time and 9am US Pacific time.

Registration for the webinar is free. To register, visit

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