A New Dawn is Here

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Unleash Your Full Creativity with Jands Vista by Chroma-Q

Chroma-Q has recently acquired the Jands Vista lighting & media control system - rebranded as Vista by Chroma-Q. Continuing Jands’ vision for their award-winning platform, they are introducing the all new Jands Vista 3 software, along with two new control surfaces.

The new Vista 3 software continues to impress with its legendary timeline, visual interface, speed and ease of use. Vista 3 has been developed to dramatically enhance the existing feature set whilst also introducing a host of major new features such as; smart FX masters, the ability to merge multiple showfiles, a new color engine, improved fixture visualizations, and a vastly expanded command line interface.

The Vista EX by Chroma-Q features 12 playback faders, 60 assignable buttons, eight encoders, dedicated cuelist playback controls, grand master intensity fader, 12 user keys, four function keys, unlimited pages, and two physical DMX outputs.

The Vista MV by Chroma-Q is USB powered and features a compact design, two physical DMX outputs, five playback faders, Grandmaster intensity fader, 15 assignable buttons, four function keys and unlimited pages.