Tech, No Babel: Live production cameras

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Because of a lack of funds, most churches don’t ask, “What do we need?” but “What’s the least we can get away with?” This sometimes yields some interesting results, but the truth is when you start by asking what the least is, you’re actually asking the wrong question. You need to be able to do the job, not save money by buying equipment that won’t do it.

Ideally, you’d use a bona fide production camera. This type of camera can be modified to operate in a studio configuration. What this means is that all color and exposure settings can be run from a remote device, called a CCU (camera control unit), it has pan-bar mounted zoom and focus controls, a viewfinder, and a motorized zoom lens.

Unfortunately, these cameras are pricey. So, what’s a church to do? Here are a few things you shouldn’t do.

Don’t settle for a webcam. With webcams coming in 1080p, you might be tempted to go this route. Don’t. These cams are designed for running up close. That means they have wide lenses, so unless you get close to the pastor, he/she will be very small in the final image.

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Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5 System Enhances

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2016-01-07-11-42-1The Northeastern U.S. offers many beautiful churches, from Gothic-style buildings to old fashioned meetinghouses. But a true European-style cathedral like the stunning Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, Connecticut, is a rarity. Because it’s an architectural gem, explains Peter Scandone, Jr., president of New Haven systems integrator PASCOM Sound, Inc., the aesthetic challenges of installing a new sound system were even greater than the acoustical challenges.

The demanding aesthetic and acoustical requirements were key reasons Scandone chose a Renkus-Heinz Iconyx Gen5 IC32-RN digitally steered line array as the heart of the new system. “I’ve been working in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception for more than 25 years,” Scandone begins, “and when we finally got a chance to put our own system in place, a Renkus-Heinz steerable array was clearly the best choice. I’ve used Iconyx in the past, and the Iconyx Generation 5 speakers are a great product. There’s no other loudspeaker I would have chosen for the basilica.” Scandone sourced the system from Cardone Solomon & Associates, Inc., of Northport, New York.

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VER Acquires the Business of DPS, Inc. and Retains Key Employees

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VER, the leading, global provider of production equipment and engineering support, announced that it has acquired the business of DPS Inc., a production services company.  In a sale ordered by the bankruptcy court, VER acquired more than half of the company’s lighting and film equipment, nearly all of its audio, video, and rigging equipment, its 70,000-square-foot facility near Burbank, CA and retained nearly half of the company’s employees.

VER is already consolidating its rapidly growing, industry-recognized lighting division at DPS’s former location. The new VER “Light Lab” is being expanded to create the most significant facility in Southern California, enabling clients to design, test, and prep systems in real time, supported by the VER engineering team, enabling even more creative solutions and a streamlined programming and design process.

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The Stiletto™ Z6

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The Stiletto™ Z6 Loaded with features including a 6.5°-60° degree zoom-able beam angle Looking for a sharp new addition to your lighting rig? Then check out Blizzard Lighting’s Stiletto™ Z6 …

Special Offer for Houses of Worship

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Translation Equipment USA, the largest official dealer for Enersound in the USA, is offering a

$50 discount on select translation systems* ordered by 4/30/16, with coupon code TFWM.

untitledTranslation systems can be used for:

  • Language Interpretation Systems
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Assistive Listening
  • Portable Sound

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Martin Audio CDD Installed For Kenly Gospel Music Hall Upgrade

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The Kenly Gospel Music Hall recently upgraded its sound system with a pair of Martin Audio CDD10 speakers and a CSX112 subwoofer. This followed an earlier upgrade of the performance space where additional insulation was provided between the stage and the concrete floor to attenuate low mid resonances and improve overall audio quality.

Host group of the Gospel Music Hall are the Redeemed, a bluegrass gospel group originally founded in 1978 which is now a six-piece ensemble consisting of two guitars, mandolin, banjo and upright bass. Matt Johnson is group member (dobro, banjo and guitar) and co-leader with his father Edgar Alberdeen Johnson Jr. (upright bass) the Deacon at Faith Free Will Baptist Church.

Asked why CDD’s were chosen for the most recent upgrade, Matt said, “the original system produced too much sound off the back of the speakers onto the stage, which is a problem in a small space with acoustic instruments and vocals. In addition to The Redeemed, we have a lot of bluegrass and southern gospel groups as guest artists every Sunday. With the CDD speakers, you can’t hear anything on stage that’s not supposed to be there.

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WorxAudio Technologies Delivers a ‘Quality Musical Experience’ at First Presbyterian Church

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First_Presbyterian_43SmFounded in 1867, First Presbyterian Church is the oldest church in its area. The church offers a diverse range of ministries, including caring for the poor and homeless of the community as well as partnering with a sister church in Havana, Cuba and supporting a girl’s school in Pakistan. With both traditional and contemporary services, music assumes a vital role in the church’s programs. In order to ensure the best possible music reproduction for the congregation, church management recently decided to upgrade the sound reinforcement system. This resulted in the deployment of loudspeaker systems drawn from the TrueLine catalog of Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio® Technologies (, a division of PreSonus® Audio Electronics (

Fort Wayne, IN-based CSD (Custom Sound Designs) Group, Inc., an award winning, nationally recognized design/build firm providing audio, video, lighting, and acoustics services, was contracted to manage the installation of the church’s new sound system. CSD Group President Doug Hood, who oversaw the project from conception through completion, discussed the challenges of the job and his decision to deploy two WorxAudio TrueLine X3i-P All-In-One Compact Line Arrays plus an X1Mi-P line array enclosure.

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