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You know the hardware. You’ve used the software. Jands Vista consoles are synonymous with lighting control in the house of worship market. The ArKaos Media Server provides media playback support through Vista and other lighting consoles. And now is your chance to make your knowledge work for you.

A.C. Lighting Inc., the exclusive North American distributor of the Jands Vista line of lighting consoles and ArKaos media servers, is looking for the ideal candidate to add to their team, supporting customers just like you on the Jands Vista and ArKaos platforms. You love putting your Vista knowledge to work supporting your church on the weekends; why not use it to launch a new career helping people get the most out of their investment in Vista across North America?

A.C. Lighting Inc. is growing to meet the demand for quality support. We want someone with the integrity, intelligence and personality to work with both the house of worship market and the secular community to solve their problems and help them become as good as you are with Vista as well as ArKaos. Where better to look than within a key market that helped to launch Vista to stardom?

To learn more about this opportunity, check out the job description and submit an application at http://www.aclighting.com/vacancies/ or send your resume directly to tracey.hill@aclighting.com

St. Louis-Area Faith Lutheran Church Upgrades Oakville Campus with New Roland M-5000 OHRCA Live Mixing Console

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Faith_Oakville_FOHThe St. Louis, MO-area Faith Lutheran Church(https://t.e2ma.net/click/pjcnn/h9axrb/1sjwyd), with campuses in the Oakville area and the nearby suburb of Columbia, IL, has been central to thousands of faithful believers over the last six decades. Like many modern churches, Faith Lutheran places an emphasis on music – both for the pastoral aspects and to get talented individuals involved in the service on a weekly basis. “At the Oakville campus, we usually have a drummer, one or two electric guitarists, an acoustic guitarists, keyboards and a handful of singers each week, plus the volunteers that control the audio, video and lighting,” notes Andy Weiss, Worship & Media Coordinator for Faith Lutheran Church. Recently the church moved its Columbia campus to a new facility and wanted to upgrade the A/V infrastructure in both facilities, and the easy solution was found in products from Roland. An existing Roland M-400 48-Channel Live Digital Mixing Console, which had been used for years at the Oakville campus, was moved to the new Columbia campus, which left room for something new and groundbreaking at Oakville: the Roland M-5000 OHRCA Live Mixing Console.

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Martin Audio Holds Special MLA Training Sessions in Nashville

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MA MLA Training_1Martin Audio will hold three days of special training for its award-winning Multi-cellular Array (MLA) technology loudspeaker system in the Nashville area from November 16th thru November 18th.

This special training is intended to provide designers, consultants, engineers and system techs with a comprehensive understanding of how to design, implement, deploy and maintain an MLA system.

The training sessions will be held at SOUNDCHECK, Rehearsal Room B, 750 Cowan Street, Nashville, Tennessee. They encompass a 3-day certification program with two days of classroom instruction and one day of practical application covering the concept of MLA, current versions of the MLA including MLA Compact and MLA Mini, Display 2.0 and VU-NET control software.

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Tech, No Babel

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Trouble Shooting Techniques: Simple it Down

Let’s say you’re checking the video system at your church. The computer is on and looks like it’s outputting video. The screen is on and should be showing it. It’s not. How do you troubleshoot?

I make sure everything is on and then I “simple it down.” I try and make the minimum system I can. This usually means bypassing a lot of extras to see if the basic components work. If they do, I start adding things back in one at a time until you find the failure.

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Hitachi CP-X8170 and CP-WX2865 Projectors

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by Andrew Marko

38a470b1-4092-40cc-b2f1-43c9a22f779b-3At Evangel Church in Long Island City, New York, we are not only located in the heart of an ever-changing city; we are also at the epicenter of an ever-changing industry. As readers of this publication understand more than anyone, houses of worship today are challenged more than ever with leveraging advancements in technology to best engage their congregations. Evangel Church was founded in 1933, with our current sanctuary erected in 1999 in our 100,000-square-foot facility. Always looking to stay on the cutting edge to best serve our members, we recently decided environmental projection would be a great way to deliver dynamic services in the 1,300-seat sanctuary. We have found that technology makes a huge difference in the churchgoing experience. The word of God stays the same, what you’re trying to present stays the same, but the way that you present it really needs to constantly be changing with the times. We’ve made a strong effort to bring our services up to speed without turning them into “smoke and mirrors” rock concerts, which wouldn’t connect with our entire congregation.

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