Broadcast Audio & When You Need a Separate Console

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by Bryan Cole


More and more churches are turning to web streaming of their church services as a way to expand their reach, allow military families on deployment to stay connected to the same message, and even as the basis for multi-site delivery of live preaching.

Good Audio Makes Good Video

When we choose to deliver our content via a web medium, or even to archive storage for later use, the video must have audio content along with it – and this demands that we spend some time considering how the audio will be “mixed” for the broadcast audience.

When attendees experience your service live, they are hearing a complete package of sound that is composed of any stage volume, plus the output of the sound system, as well as the results of those two sound sources interacting with the room. Your sound engineer mixes the audio so that the mix sounds as natural and appropriate for the style as is possible.

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